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January 13, 2016 by brightboykris

I started homeschooling today at 9am.

My first lesson was German. I learn German and Spanish through Duolingo, and it’s really cool. My mom speaks German so she can help me when I get stuck. I have already done all the tasks she gave me for the month, LOL!

Ich liebe Deutsch!
[I love German]

I also had to do maths. uuuugghhh… I have serious mathelitis!

BUT it actually became fun and I finished all my tasks quicker than my mom thought. And now strangely I love maths again!


So my first day of homeschooling was epic. Tomorrow I have English, Science and Art and I will go to my first Young Engineers class next Wednesday. I can’t wait!!

Day 1 – what I love about homeschooling

  • Being at home
  • Sitting on a pillow on the floor in my mom’s office
  • Learning German
  • The strange new math liking

Day 1 – what I didn’t like

  • My mom shoots me dirty looks when I try to sneak in a quick Minecraft game



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