Leaping Wolf: Personal Challenge

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February 19, 2016 by brightboykris

I have seen animated films and I have always wanted to learn how to animate.

You get different types of animation and these days most animation is made on a computer.

I like stop motion because I can build my own worlds with lego or clay and then move them myself to take all the photos.

I have been animating since January and it is one of my homeschooling subjects. I am still a beginner so I have a lot to learn.

The app I use is PicPac. This app allows you to take photos, fuse them, make animated movies and more.


To make the right movement you need to take 16 photos for a 1 second video. So if you want to make a 5 second animation, you need about 80 photos!!!

When I make animation I take pride in my work even if I’m just goofing around.

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