Shark Month

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January 14, 2016 by brightboykris

Day 2.

I got my work for the day on email. Maths, English and Science.

I spent most of the day doing my science work / project research because it’s SHARK MONTH (my project) and I love sharks.


  • A grown-up crocodile shark can only grow to about 1 metre long!
  • The crocodile shark’s large eyes and teeth are actually scary to other sharks!
  • The thresher shark’s tale can be up to 3 metres long!

My thresher shark picture!

English and Maths were fine. I did a comprehension exercise in English, and I got stuck with some of the work in my math book.

I also did some sneaky extra German work but my tablet’s speaker didn’t work that well for my speaking test.

What made me happy:

  • working in my onesie all day long!!
  • shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarks!!
  • more German

Nothing made me sad today.


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